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Hercules All-You-Can-Clean Service for Heavy Dry Clean Users

Manage yourself how much you would pay for your dry cleaning

Laundry Package at $199/months for 3 months, $179/month for 6 months, $159/month for 1 yr 

​Unlimited dress shirts laundered and pressed + Unlimited wash and fold

$249 for just one month

DryClean Package at $299/month for 3 months, $279/month for 6 months, $249/month for 1yr

Unlimited dryclean items + Unlimited Laundry Items

Including everything except household items and alterations

$399 for just one month

Complete Package at $499/month for 3 month, $479/month for 6 months, $449/month for 1yr

Any dryclean items + Any Laundry items + Any Household items + Any Alterations

Including everything! If it is cleanable and repairable, it is included.

$699 for just one month

All items will be picked up and delivered on every Monday and Thursday. You will receive items back in 3 days unless item requires special attention. Normal time for tailorings and household items is one week unless quicker service is asked. Call us or email us for more detail.

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