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We are family-owned/operated dry cleaners and there are minimum number of employees between customers to one of our families. All garments are cleaned and inspected by one of our family members. If you have special requests, person who does actual work will be informed and perform exactly the way you requested. It is why we constantly receive new customers switching over from our competitors. Customers love using us because we care.


Over 50% of all our clothes are wet-cleaned. Only a few clothes with oil-based stains are dry cleaned but cleaned one more time by wet cleaning to minimize possible chemicals from dry cleaning.


Extra-clean shirt is always basic for us.

State of art, top of the line pressing machine that we recently installed in our plant will make your shirts not only extra clean but also looking extra-sharp.


No matter it is simple or complicated work, Anna can make you happy. Anna has over 40 years of experience as a seamstress. Anna stays at Wellesley store from 2pm to 6pm during weekdays.

If you would like to make an appointment with her, give us a call.  781-263-0030

Did you know all cleaners would send out their leather products to leather professionals?

According to past 10 years of our experience, leather companies don't care when it comes to cleaning it. They never pay attention to details and charge a lot!

We will clean leather for you in our store.



Students of Wellesley, Babson College!

We are here for you when you feel too busy for your exams or papers. Just give us a call and we will come to you to pick up and drop off as soon as it is finished.

Our shoe guy is pricy. But he is extraordinary. If you have your favorite brand name shoes that need repairs, he is the man for you. His store is located in Newton Center, next to Mr.Sid, man's clothing store. 

Bring your shoes to us, and we will charge exactly same as he charges in his store. Nothing more, nothing less.


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