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When do we pickup & deliver?


Our pickup & delivery dry cleaning service is focused on our customers, not focused on our work schedules because most of pickup & delivery customers are regular customers with heavy volume. What can't we do for customers like them? Everything!

Normally, we go twice a week, Monday or Thursday . However, if you are fine with once a week service or twice a week. we can be there Monday or Thursday  Pick a day you prefer.

What do you get if you start?


You will receive two garment bags with your name, contact, and address on. You will also receive a name and phone number of one of us who will be in charge of your pickup & delivery. In case of emergency, such as in need of quicker service, call and let us know.

How do we charge?

To most customers, we charge them with their credit card number on every 1st and 15th of each month. But, if you do not prefer to release your card information to us. It is fine. We will send you a bill every month so you can pay with your check.


How to start?

Fill out the form and you are ready to go!

Pickup & Delivery

Make your life a little bit simpler by starting our pickup & delivery service today. All pickup & delivery is picked up, dry-cleaned, and delivered by one of our family members to reduce risk of possible loss and to communicate better with customers. Start with confident. Again, we care about our customers.  

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